Health Architects™
Let's Build Something Remarkable — Together
At Health Architects, we transcend traditional consultancy to redefine healthcare and academic medical enterprises through the lens of design. Our consultancy embodies innovation, harnessing the transformative power of design thinking, behavioural insights, and advanced technology to co-create bespoke solutions. With a focus on collaboration, our expert team partners with healthcare professionals and academic institutions to craft experiences and systems that are not only efficient and sustainable but also intuitively align with the nuanced needs of patients, providers, and learners. Our mission is to architect the future of healthcare by designing services that deliver excellence, foster well-being, and elevate medical education to new heights.
Safe Space Health™
Safety. Connection. Fulfilment.
Safe Space Health is more than just an app; it's a sanctuary for health professionals. Designed with the well-being of healthcare workers at its core, it offers a revolutionary approach to support and empowerment. Our platform provides a secure, anonymous space where voices can be heard without judgment, and real-world challenges can be shared without fear. Expertly moderated to ensure constructive dialogue, Safe Space Health fosters an environment where meaningful conversations lead to genuine outcomes—enhancing well-being, driving professional fulfillment, and nurturing a supportive community that uplifts every member. Join us in reimagining the landscape of health professional support, where every interaction is a step toward holistic wellness.
Behavioural Health Team
Using Behavioural Insights To Optimize Health, Wellness & Happiness
The Behavioural Health Team is at the vanguard of transformative health research, leveraging deep behavioural insights to enhance wellness and happiness across communities. Our dedicated collective understands the profound impact of systems on individual well-being. We meticulously study and unravel these complex interactions to champion and implement behavioural changes that prioritize safety and holistic health. Through rigorous research and innovative approaches, we not only identify the levers of health optimization but also activate them, shaping habits and environments that lead to enduring, positive transformations in both individual lives and broader health systems.
COVID Connect™
An App To Connect Healthcare Providers, Patients and Families
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for clear, compassionate, and continuous communication between healthcare providers, patients, and their families has never been more critical. Covid Connect is an innovative app poised to revolutionize this connection, transcending the barriers erected by the crisis.
With its imminent launch, Covid Connect promises to be a lifeline that not only addresses the immediate challenges of the pandemic but also serves as a steadfast resource for post-crisis healthcare engagement. It is a testament to resilience, designed to facilitate seamless interactions and support networks during these unprecedented times and beyond.
Covid Connect is your trusted companion, committed to restoring the intimacy and support of in-person care through the power of digital connection. Stay tuned as we prepare to bring this vital app to your hands, fostering stronger connections that empower patients and reassure families, while providing healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care in the new normal.

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