Health Architects
Let's Build Something Remarkable — Together
A healthcare design consultancy that specializes in using design thinking, behavioural insights, and enabling technology to co-create solutions for healthcare and academic medical enterprise.
Safe Space Health
Safety. Connection. Fulfilment.
Safe Space Health is an app that aims to meet the need for novel approaches that provide focused support for all health professionals through an anonymous and moderated forum that promotes meaningful outcomes for health professional wellbeing and fulfilment.
Behavioural Health Team
Using Behavioural Insights To Optimize Health, Wellness & Happiness
Recognizing how systems influence personal wellbeing and facilitating changes in behaviour that align with safety.
Covid Connect
An App To Connect Healthcare Providers, Patients and Families
Coming soon, Covid Connect is an app that is intended to help overcome the above mentioned challenges and enable healthcare providers, patients and families overcome connection issues during (and continuing after) the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

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