Academic Emergency Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, University Hospitals Network (UHN), Toronto, ON, Canada
At the heart of Toronto's vibrant medical landscape, I am proud to serve as an Academic Emergency Physician at the Department of Emergency Medicine within the University Hospitals Network (UHN), a beacon of medical innovation and excellence. My role, spanning the esteemed Toronto General Hospital (TGH) and Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) sites, places me at the forefront of emergency medicine in one of the world’s most respected healthcare systems.
At UHN, known globally for its healthcare leadership, with TGH celebrated as Canada's premier hospital, I am honoured to be part of an extraordinary team that sets the benchmark for medical excellence. My role here transcends routine responsibilities; it is a privilege to contribute to an organization where excellence is ingrained in every aspect. The impact of our work is immeasurable – it's not just in the hours spent, but in the lives we profoundly touch, the future medical professionals we inspire, and the countless individuals we assist in their most critical moments.
As an academic physician, I am deeply involved in the education of both undergraduate and postgraduate learners, sharing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that shapes the future of emergency medicine. Our team, a melting pot of specialists across various subspecialties, collaborates seamlessly, enhancing our approach to emergency care through diverse initiatives and global collaborations.
Our dynamic department, comprising over 90 dedicated emergency professionals supported by an extensive team of nurses and allied health staff, is adept at navigating complex medical emergencies. Our responsibility extends to TGH, North America's leading organ transplant center, adding another layer of complexity and fulfillment to our work.
One of my deepest aspirations is to champion an initiative on Humanizing Medicine for the UHN, a vision that I am fervently passionate about. This prospective initiative is designed to reintegrate compassion, empathy, and understanding into the very core of healthcare. My goal is to ensure that even as we embrace technological advancements, the fundamental human essence of medicine remains unwaveringly at the forefront. This dream reflects my commitment to fostering a healthcare environment where humanity and medical innovation coalesce seamlessly.
Working at UHN transcends the boundaries of a conventional career. It is a commitment to maintaining and elevating the standards of one of the world's most esteemed medical institutions, a journey that I undertake with immense pride and dedication.
Previous Appointments
Emergency Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, William Osler Health System (WOHS), Toronto, ON, Canada
Emergency Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Edmonton Zone, Alberta Health Services, AB, Canada
Emergency and Trauma Physician (Locum), Department of Emergency Medicine, Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Emergency Physician (Locum), Alberta Rural Physicians Action Plan, Alberta Medical Association, AB, Canada
Specialist Family Physician (Rural), Peace River, AB, Canada
Vice Chief of Staff & Acting Chief of Staff, Peace River Primary Care Network, AB, Canada
General Practitioner, National Health Service (NHS), Leicester, UK
Exemplary Professional Practice
Unanimous Acclaim of Exemplary Professional Practice in a 360 Degrees Analysis by The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)
In the 2019 Practice Check-up Report from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, also known as the "MD Snapshot," I received unparalleled commendations across all evaluation criteria from physicians, nurses, allied healthcare staff, and patients. The report lauded my patient interaction skills, including attentive listening and clear explanations, and revealed unanimous patient satisfaction. On the co-worker front, I was praised for effective communication, accessibility, and collegiality, even earning the trust of colleagues to the extent that they would consider me for medical care for their own families. These commendations validate my years of focus on patient-centred care, professional communication, and continuous learning, affirming my commitment to the highest standards of medical care and professional conduct.

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