My Personalized Leadership Skills
>     Fostering positive disruption: Show, don’t tell!
>     Focus on partners, not clients: Adopting ‘people first’ approach, I believe in creating alignment through relationships that are mutually beneficial, both for the healthcare / medical education systems and the society as a whole. My ethos is to “give” before “asking”.
>     Iterate, on everything: My approach is to gather behavioural insights, design, measure, monitor, improve...and then back to the drawing board again.
>     Build and learn: I strongly believe in the notion of learning being lifelong, in alignment with one's ongoing personalized quality improvement needs. This was my inspiration for envisioning and innovating to design the world’s first ever office of Lifelong Learning in an academic medical institute, at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta.
>     Create real value: It is my strong belief that one must not risk wasting time, energy and money working on products and services nobody wants. We must reinvent while successful, taking the path of greatest impact.
>     Proactive: I am passionate about constantly thinking of innovative new ideas to “stay ahead of the game”. I believe that “there’s an opportunity in what others think is impossible”.
>     Honesty and integrity: I do not cut corners ethically. I endeavour to earn the trust of my colleagues and gain their confidence in my abilities. I believe in doing what is right, not just what is politically expedient. I speak plainly and truthfully.
>     Building relationships: I communicate openly and effectively. I believe in co-creating — engaging, planning and collaborating with internal, as well as external partners, and others stakeholders early to drive success.
>     Persistence: I am able to demonstrate tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
>     Strategic thinker and a visionary: I am able to see, as well as communicate the big picture in an inspiring way. I analyze progress in ‘quarterly rocks’ — determining opportunities and threats through comprehensive analysis of current and future trends and needs.
>     Persuasive: I am able to convince others to pursue a particular course of action through an evidence-based approach.
>     High standards: I expect my personal performance, as well as that of my team and colleagues, to be nothing short of the best — as defined by the team together.
>     Calm under pressure: My experience working in high profile roles has taught me to maintain stable and dependable performance even in challenging circumstances.
>     Team player: Roles to me are not boundaries.

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