My Areas of Experience and Expertise As a Healthcare & Medical Education Service Designer
Product Design
Developing products with health service applications using user-centred design approach, various qualitative and quantitative research methods, data gathering approaches, as well as data analysis and visualization techniques.
Person-centred Design
Empowering the users / society for a more responsive & learning health care and medical education system by co-creating solutions to healthcare and learning initiatives. 
Value Proposition Design
Creating value proposition with users – integrating stakeholders as early as possible in the project development process. 
Communication Design
Planning, conceiving, envisaging, and creating communication products to elicit a desired response that is inevitably related to feelings, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour of the users.
Behavioural Design
Applying behavioural science theories, for e.g. behavioural insights and nudges, to change behaviours within organizations and systems. 
Graphic Design
Providing visual explanation – using visual imagination and thinking early about how a planned idea will work in practice. 
Interaction Design
Designing services as a series of interactions.
Curriculum & Instructional Design
Creating ownership by designing initiatives customized to users' personal, practice- & system-based needs – informed by personalized data and promoting reflective practice. 
Social Design
Thinking about what, why and how the design process (and/or product) can address the constantly evolving needs of a society. 
Strategic Management
Integrating service design logic into management models and management thinking and creating cases for integrative service design thinking. 
Operational Management
Creating efficiency through design, management and improvement of the service processes – integrating enabling technology wherever, and whenever possible.
Design Ethnography
Thinking and working from users' perspectives when designing relevant services. 

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